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Jessica Rose Booth is a healer and writer, thriving in family community at Sweet Lovin’ Ranch. She is a Red Drum Carrier and Elder Priestess of the Sacred Grove with the Red Moon Mystery School. She has a background in naturopathic nutrition, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Plant Spirit Medicine and brings together her love for living well and her joy in writing with Sacred Wild Witch, Rebel Rose Reiki, the Sacred Medicine Cupboard book and online classes. Jessica Rose Booth also collaborates with Anni Daulter on several of the Sacred Living Movement programs. These classes and retreats foster a connection with nature, body and spirit.  She has new book coming out soon, Flatbreads: Top it, Dip it, Eat It also co- authored with Anni Daulter.


Find out more about her upcoming classes, workshops and books at

Jessica Rose Booth Sacred Wild Witch
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