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I AM Sisterhood

Live Retreat Testimonials

Sarah Josey // After this weekend I feel completely light, cracked open, supported, and clear.


I gained so much clarity around some of the things in my life that I needed an outside voice on that it couldn't have been more perfect for me to attend the retreat when I did.


Not only is Anni the most amazing space holder I've met, she is also one heck of a magical being. She has the ability to weave magic and insight in to every moment, which allows for each person to gain what it is that they need in the particular moment they are asking.


The entire weekend was full of tears, yelling, dancing, spinning, weaving, connecting, and crafting, and I couldn't be more happy that I went.


The women who attended are the most beautiful humans in all ways and I feel blessed to have gotten to know them on such an intimate level and to know that I will hold each of them in my heart for all the years to come.


The ability to step out of my normal life, in to a space that is sacred and safe, to be able to share the truth of what I am feeling and experiencing is an invaluable experience.


Everyone needs the ability to talk to a person who is not directly connected to or related to their life about what they have going on in their life so that they can be completely open and honest about the help they need, and that is exactly what you get in circle at I AM.


Not only do you spend time reflecting on yourself but you also get to be supportive of others on their journey, and along the way learn even more about you.


Doing Anni's retreat fills my cup.


I left feeling more rejuvenated and solid in who I am as a person than I have felt in a long time.


I can't wait to go to one next year, and every year afterwards.

Sue Rose Harman // Rose // Anum Cara // Raisia Freyja // Tara // I went to I AM Sisterhood with the expectation of a fun weekend with the ladies but I walked away with SO much more. From the very first circle together we dove head first into the exciting and scary places, we cracked our hearts opened and shared them with each other, we were wrapped in the love and understanding of SISTERHOOD. From circling around the fire to dancing under the moon light to creating beautiful magic together, this weekend filled me with juicy love and soulful sisterhood moments. I am forever bound to these sisters in love and light and beauty. I am deeply grateful to Anni for creating such a magical space for us to circle together, explore ourselves, and truly break free to be ourselves.

Sarah Dexter // Marcella Peace // This is a message to all women yearning for a little more...and it's a simple one. GO TO I AM SISTERHOOD! I have attended many sacred retreats now, but this one touched on a part of me that had yet to be awakened fully. It's about a woman's connection to the elements, to the moon, to the divine and to each other. There is MAGIC oozing out of this program; it has a life of it's own. As we learn to trust our intuition and our limitless innate  power, we begin to see the boundless opportunities at our fingertips, and there is nothing better than realizing that in sisterhood! Anni is in her 'flow' while leading I AM Sisterhood. This is her jam, and it shows. Thank you Anni for showing me, yet again, that there is always room to crack open a little more, release a little more, connect a little more, and to LOVE. A little. More.

Megan Alam // Vibrance // Sometimes language cannot express every experience. Words are just that - words. This I AM Sisterhood retreat was all about practice. Practicing self love, witnessing, SOUL STRETCHING. 


I signed up for this retreat knowing only a small experiential taste of I AM Sisterhood. It was a blind yes - but one that felt right from the start. If you are intrigued - JUST SAY YES! This is saying YES to yourself; to really experience being fully alive and then carrying that with you for the rest of your life; to awakening yourself. 


At the retreat we connected, we learned about ourselves and our sisters, we learned to TRUST fully & unapologetically. 


I left my home town of Indianapolis thinking 'I wonder what I will be like when I get back?'. I didn't know what I was getting myself into. I sat with fear of the unknown.


After returning home from the weekend in Salt Lake City, I didn't have to share how I amazing I felt - it was written all over my face. I was literally GLOWING because my light was shining so bright! I didn't need to share the details of the trip, I returned a different, empowered woman. I put these lessons I had learned into practice - they SAW the shift in me. 


Now this be a bold statement, but it is one I say wholeheartedly. I get how hard it is to read these words and think, 'that's a crock' or 'that will never happen to me' but it's NOT and IT WILL HAPPEN FOR YOU if you want it & work for it. 


I really loved that Anni jumped right in with us and did the work. At first I thought she would play more of a ceremonial role - but I quickly set that opinion aside! She was raw & exposed just as we all were - as a sister, as a woman. I greatly appreciate that she truly practices what she preaches. 


"I carry your heart with me (I carry it in my heart)..." - E.E. Cummings 


I carry these sisters with me everyday, in each moment. My heart is full of gratitude for them and for their uncomplicated love for me in my most authentic self. 


For the love of all that is holy, for yourself, for your kids, for your partner, friends, tribe! - JUST SAY YES! 

Chelsea Mansoff // Rosaline // I left a woman and came home a Goddess!

Shelley Lillesve // Golden Rose // This was a long awaited retreat for me and I waited patiently for my first retreat with all of the Sacred Ladies, and it was so worth it! Timing is everything and FINALLY it was my TIME!

20 Women gathered for one reason, "Sisterhood"! To dive in, celebrate, and find our tribe. We were given the gift to disconnect from our everyday lives and reconnect to what we really long for, rich, beautiful, unjudged, raw relationships. 

We were able to do things many people only dream about...

We were nestled in the Beautiful Northwest on the ocean and were led to our creative place, and pushed out of our comfort zones, taught new things, opened to trust, cracked open in new ways, and we danced in the moonlight, sang, swam, ate amazing food that nourished every part of us, met our Soul Sister, dress up in Beautiful Red Dresses and stood tall and brave in the gentle rain! (and I got to do all that with my Baby Girl Kiera, how cool is that?!)

And the biggest gift of all is that we now get to share this with others...

So watch out world!!!! We are about to get real, get passionate and feel alive and we want YOU to join us!

Jennifer Savage // Chalice Moon // I am simply overwhelmed with gratitude for the time and space I had with twenty beautiful amazing women at the I AM Sisterhood Seattle retreat. It was all I hoped it would be and so so so much more. It can always be a bit nerve-wracking to sign up for a retreat with 20 women you have never met knowing you will be spending an entire weekend together. From the moment I arrived I felt comfortable, safe and welcomed. Anni and her crew did a beautiful job of creating and holding sacred space the entire weekend. During the retreat we were taken care of, nourished and guided on a divine journey. The retreat was overflowing with opportunities to connect, release, expand and journey in such beautiful ways. There was so much magic packed into one weekend! And the goodie bag we left with was insanely awesome and packed with sacred goodies to take home to continue the magic. Such a divine and deeply meaningful weekend shared with sisters. As a mom of a toddler I get very little time to myself. Taking an entire weekend to dive deep into sacred sisterhood with these women was so deeply nourishing. It was exactly what I needed to re-charge and re-center into the sacred. If you have ever considered attending a I AM retreat do it! It will feed your soul and fill you up with magic!

Jessica Ewing // Dawn Anjuli // Awe-inspiring, one word to summarize my divine weekend with this circle of women at I AM Sisterhood Seattle.

As an individual who has never sat in a women's circle or charged energy under the moonlight, I was nervous when I read the details of the overview for the retreat Anni had emailed. "What am I getting myself into?" But I listened to my heart and jumped in. And I will be forever thankful and proud that I did.


These women, whom I'd never met, never once judged me for my words or my beauty and always listened with a whole heart. They lifted me to a whole new level I NEVER thought I could reach. You see, before this retreat, my heart was hurting and lost. My marriage changing, my work taking over my personal time, and my self confidence was struggling. I knew that I needed something more but had no clue what that was. I have a lot of amazing people in my life but I am in a place where I needed to express myself without feeling silly or judged and a way to believe in who I am again.


I am new to the free spirit way of living, however once again, I was astonished and speechless by the true and RAW beauty of these 19 women I was with in the middle of nowhere Washington. From journaling, painting, soul searching, fear releasing, dreaming, and connecting to my inner passion I AM alive again! I feel colors,I see beauty in every DAWN, I write poems, and I have so much love in my actions again.


I AM REVIVED because of my circle sisters and I will cherish and love them and this retreat always! Thank you soul sisters, thank you for lifting me up, listening, and allowing me to be free and witnessed!

Katie Mullins // Fierce Freedom Feeler // The I AM retreat was pure magic. I have gone to Sacred Living Movement retreats before and while all beautiful and sacred, I AM was a new kind of raw and healing. The space was adorned beautifully, the swag bags full of gorgeous, and each night a goddess sleepover filled with laughter and connection. I was absolutely stunned with the magic that unfolded at this particular retreat. All the women showed up for themselves and showed up for me. I was witnessed, I was heard and I was able to hold the same space for other women. I have been looking for some missing pieces for some time and I uncovered them at this retreat by diving deep into the elements. I left with my cup full, my heart overflowing, and with so much joy. I left transformed once again by Sacred Living. Empowered. Connected. Wrapped in the warmth that is sisterhood. These retreats are not just experiences for a few days. I leave them with life long relationships and exponential personal growth. Forever grateful for my experience at I AM and wish every woman follows the call to embrace the magic.

Kasey Barbey Sallurday // I don't know where to begin.. This was my second live retreat with Anni Daulter and I could not wait ! Once again, in awe at how Anni transforms the ordinary to sacred, the mundane to magic with small rituals, deep intentions and simple beauty. I was surrounded, seen, supported and loved by so many radiant women, it was more nourishing than I could've hoped for. I love circles for their power to transcend the layers of who we think we are, to create authentic connections, to be held as we shift out of our comfort zones and into personal growth. The collective power of these experiences truly has a ripple effect and I know we're bringing high vibrations of love, trust, hope, dreams, courage and more to our families, our communities, the world and mother earth. I am deeply grateful.

Cheyanne Strong // Sisters! You are embarking on a sacred journey back to the ancient ways of sisterhood. This retreat will empower you to tap into your divine feminine energy and power. If you dare to be vulnerable, raw, courageous, and to release what no longer serves you, this is your calling. This will be a safe space for you to express your truth, and to be both heard and seen. We as women need to begin uplifting each other so we in turn can uplift society as a whole. So prepare yourself for an awe-inspiring weekend, focused on embracing the elements that make up all that is life. Earth, fire, water, and air.

Shannon Brooks // I just dropped off a few of my sacred sisters at the airport after the I am Sisterhood retreat and wanted to spend a few moments to soak in the beauty of the weekend. First, I want to reflect on all of the amazing women that I met and shared my heart and soul with. We connected so deeply and were able to love each other through tears, laughter, joy, and pain. During this retreat I learned the true power of sisterhood and the strength that emerges from being fully supported, fully heard, and fully loved. My inner goddess was beckoned to come out to play and we danced away our fears and anxieties, released emotions that had been dulling our gorgeous sparkle, and dove into the future to express our inner dreams and desires. Anni did an amazing job of holding sacred space for us and time seemed to expand to allow for beautiful transformations. The food was delicious and I felt nourished and loved. We held each other as tears rolled, we giggled and whispered secrets in the night, and we inspired each other to be brave and not only dream but to take action to turn our visions into reality. I adore being a mother and I also realize that I need time to fill my own cup up. When I feel at my best I can give more to my children and all of the relationships in my life. Being part of this retreat was not only a gift to myself but to everyone else in my life. When I feel completely loved and supported I can love deeper than I ever imagined. I send my deepest love to Anni and all of my sacred sisters. You are all Goddesses and I look forward to the day when we can all circle again and share the magic of our sacred connection. Until then, you are all in my thoughts and my heart dancing like the wild women we know we are!

Tnah Louise // My name is Tnah Louise, I have been to more then a few various live retreats and have taken most of the online programs throughout the inception of Sacred Pregnancy. I have watched time and time again the beautiful unfolding of women’s souls through Anni’s gracious ability to draw from a woman's journey and her capability to create such beauty in absolutely EVERYTHING she does. She is a true visionary fully connected to true source. I do believe all the beauty she creates is a download from the great goddesses themselves. I often wonder how in the world is Anni able to create SO MUCH BEAUTY, over and over again. She has connected with other aligned women who have also created some of the most heart felt programs that go far beyond the rational teachings of Pregnancy, Postpartum, Herbs, Aromatherapy, Ayurveda. These programs all call on soulful prompts to allow for deep delving, and emotional work that we often avoid because of all the various reasons and excuses we make up in our head. Things like “ I cant afford it”, I am too busy”, I have a family to tend to”, I don't want to open that can of worms”, and the list goes on!

When I say that Anni OUT-DID herself with this GORGEOUS program, I cannot express how much I mean this! Both the online and live retreat have so much to offer. Anni chooses destinations that allow for fun and adventure, but it is never about where we go, the house we are in, or the food that we eat, those things are all secondary! It is really about the work, and finally a program that reaches ALL WOMEN! SINGLE, YOUNG, OLD, MARRIED, WITH CHILDREN, LGBT, there really are no color lines, or any type of woman who could not benefit from this deep work. Anni offers such a rich experiential retreat that takes each women on a voyage of self discovery. Allowing us tools by means of creative projects to access our inner calling and magic, wherever we are in our life’s journey. No matter how old we are, we must find the means to reconnect with our soul purpose, and this retreat allows for the opportunity to access our inner gifts, be witnessed in such a loving way by other women, who by the end of the retreat are bonded for life, committed to the ways of the Sister Tribe.

For me personally, I went in completely open to a new experience, this was only the second I AM SISTERHOOD retreat ever, and I was excited to be among 20 women and take a break from my family of five men. I was craving sisterhood and sensitivity, but how much I had no idea!!!!! All the various teachings were truly inspirational, and little by little we started to peel layers of our protection and shyness away…… that is until one particular project shook me to my core. It was the one thing that rocked my soul, pushed me WAY OUT of my comfort zone, and awakened something so deep, that I had no real idea existed within me. I had such resistance to this, but I knew that there was no looking back, I had to cross the threshold of all of my uncomfortable feelings that were coming up for me, take a deep look at what was coming up and really process all these feelings. This was done among the loving support of my newest sister tribe, allowing me to be witnessed for who I REALLY AM, no judgment what so ever, they cradled me with their support, looked deeply into me with acceptance and love for the vulnerable, raw me! I am eternally grateful for this experience Anni created for this very reason.

On my return to LA LA land I happened to sit next to a woman of 45, who was single, she had cut ties from her family, she had no female friends to speak of, and was on her way to meet a complete stranger, a millionaire she had met online who was flying her in for a one night date. While brave for this, I saw deep longing in her to be accepted and I felt she could have really benefited from such an incredible retreat as I AM Sisterhood. I thought to myself, If only she saw her real beauty, if only she could see how much of a priestess and not a princess she really was. I shared some of my weekend experiences with her and she was truly shocked to hear about what “ Sisterhood" looked like. She has only been met by competitive, mean spirited women including her mother and sister who had been jealous of her, she was completely closed to opening herself to other women for this. It made me realize just how many women feel this way in the world. It made me so sad for her, and so very pleased that this was not my experience. The I Am Sisterhood program has reminded me of my deep soul purpose in this lifetime. To touch each woman with the love that I am continuously shown each time I attend any of The Sacred Living Movement live retreats. To allow the safety for women to feel seen, loved, and supported. Yes, it is my commitment to keep the flame growing on the west coast of the USA.

Love flows from my heart as I have been heard, I have been seen, and I am now realigned with my connection to the female force, my cup is overflowing!

Amber Boswell // Mother Bear Free Bird // This past weekend I attended my third Sacred Living Retreat. Each one is magically unique, needless to say I am a total #SacredJunkie I started with Sacred Pregnancy when I was pregnant with my fourth and final child; it was such a blessing to me on my motherhood journey. I then attended Sacred Relationship with my beloved which was absolutely a game changer for our marriage and our life! A few days ago I returned from SLM'S I AM SISTERHOOD Retreat. Now, every single retreat I have attended is absolutely transformative, but for me this was the most magical on a personal and deep soul level. I wasn't there for my child, or my husband, but purely for me. As a mother of 4, a wife, entrepreneur, author, and speaker I have a lot on my plate, often so much I can find myself in a state of overwhelm. I have been craving and seeking sisterhood for a few years now, however even though I have formed some beautiful relationships with women I was still searching for what many people refer to as their "tribe". I feel so blessed to say I have finally found my tribe. Not only that, but the retreat it's self was a sacred container for me to dive deeper into myself and the hidden truth of my soul's path. I feel more alive than I have in years, it's as if the goddess within has truly been awakened. I cannot wait to share the sacred body medicine that was revealed to me this weekend, I am also super excited about bringing this work back into my community and building this new tribe of Sacred SiStars!

Marnie Burkhart // After participating in many sacred circles over the past 30 years I was happily surprised about my experience in the "I Am Sisterhood" retreat I joined with Anni Daulter. Not only was I enriched emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually, I was thrilled to witness so many brave young woman on a pathway of awareness that will eventually become lighthouses for our planet. The rituals and self empowerment was like no other I have experienced and I encourage anyone and everyone to invest in themselves through the Gift of Anni Daulter and her spiritual movement. An additional shout out to lovely, gorgeous and talented Sarah Joy Dexter as co-facilitator of Sacred Living Movement Canada- Sacred Pregnancy. "Love, Light and Blessings."

Kimberly Holst // Happy Rushing Songbird // I was so blessed to have my family come together and send me to I Am Sisterhood retreat. I had attended a few of my sister's circles before but I did not know how filled up I was going to get after the weekend I shared with these beautiful souls. Not sure what to expect, I walked into the house a lost, empty soul with intentions that would change as the days progressed. I looked around and all the women were mingling while setting up for what beautiful weekend was to come. We all came from different walks in life but there was one common thread through us all, the need and desire to be a better human with a tribe of women we could call our own. As the only single and childless woman there, I was finding myself discouraged that I couldn't connect with these women since I could not relate but with no hesitation these women took me in and taught me so much. We opened our hearts to each other and the magic we shared will stay with me forever. They each touched my heart in ways I could not imagine. For the first time, I allowed myself to be vulnerable and raw. Anni was so amazing in helping me see my truth and to trust that there were other things going on around me that I had to work on that I had not realized. I had violet, spiritual growth as my intention for the weekend. I came into the retreat wanting to have true self love and success. I left the retreat, with more love then I could ever imagine and the desire to share my spiritual growth with others. I will never be the same person again. I understand now why women go on these retreats as much as they can. I feel refreshed and anew. I am ready to take on the world and any struggles it wants to throw at me. There is not one doubt that the universe has a plan and I need to trust in it but most importantly I need to love my perfect imperfections in order to share true happiness with the world around me. We all have our struggles and life is not always easy but at least now, I have a tribe of women I know will be there when I start to stumble or fall. Because of these women and the experience I had, I can now look at myself in the mirror and know that the person looking back at me is truly an amazing soul with much more to offer the world then I realized I had to offer.

Thank you Anni for providing me with a space to be an authentic me with a purpose and determination.

Jessica Madden // Santa Sana // The intense transformation I was blessed with at Anni's I AM sacred Sisterhood retreat in Venice CA was life altering. I will never be the same woman I was that walked through the door that first day. The old stagnant layers I was able to shed and the blaring messages from within I became open to receive during my experience there were in itself of massive value. Not to mention the amazing gifts and goodies I came home with. Anni embodies everything I am drawn to as woman on my own healing journey. Seeing her stand so strongly and authentically in her own truth and purpose gave me permission to start doing the same.The connections made with my sisters were profound. Another reminder we are all one. We all crave the same basic things in this life. Allowing my myself to be raw, vulnerable and witnessed by my sisters allowed me to heal old wounds and put and end to many old stories and believes I was still carrying around. If every woman walking this earth honored themselves with this experience our relationships with ourselves, our partners, our children and each other would be more connected, authentic and healing. Because of this experience I am ready to claim my own truth and purpose and bring my healing energy into the world. I will be forever grateful and blessed for this experience. Looking forward to when our paths cross again.

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