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Sacred Goddess Live Retreats

DAY ONE: Deepening Magic


*circle check in + sacred space building

*welcome + understanding the art of claiming

*honoring sisterhood lineage + the heroines + the warrioress + the sacred witch + the village healer + mother + midwife + compassion teacher

*honoring altar + create lineage offerings + gratitude practice + tea mandalas

*create : astral travel powder

*scrying by candlelight under the moon

*call to your ancient sister guides + moon chant

*share witches brew


DAY TWO: Deepening Sisterhood Lineage 

**Become A Red Drum Carrier**

Anni Daulter has been gifted with the rite of passage from Shaman Nikiah Seeds, to share RED DRUM MEDICINE with others and create Red Drum Carriers in the world. This is a Sacred Rite and you will be gifted with the opportunity to step into this lineage of carriers. Nikiah Seeds is the originator of the Sacred Red Drums and all supplies are anointed and prayed upon by her before coming to me, and then eventually to you.  

*lineage  + goddess talk

*goddess meditation + honoring + claiming

*loving yourself : create goddess anointing oil

*the color red : pomegranate rites and painting

*red drum rites and sisterhood

*create a red drum

*spell : create witches ladder

*release any past linage bonds


*witness dancing 


DAY THREE: Deepening Relationships to Allies 

*gratitude practice

*working with guides + your allies + learn how to “call in” your allies tribe. we will dive into the world of crystals + plants + mother earth + animals + spirits

*crystal allies:

-‘power crystal’ meditation  to find your power stone

-create: a crystal spritzer + grids

-create: crystal pouch

*plant allies:

-follow Mother Nature’s Guide to the right plant medicine for you

-create: a plant / flower essence

-prayers for pacha-mama (mother earth) + personal soul healing + manifestation

-create: despacho


*animal allies:

-animal meditation and calling in discover your primary animal totem

-learn the song of your animal + share

-create:  wood art transfer piece representing your animal

*spirit allies:

bring your tribe together + be witnessed : dive into ceremony with your goddess + your sister ancestor guides + your crystal teacher + your plant teachers + your animal guide + spirit teachers

-create : tribal prayer + symbol / name for your allies tribe

*Sisterhood Salt Bowl*


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