*SACRED RITUAL CAMP will include SACRED CIRCLE TIME where we will engage in daily offerings, learn rituals for spring / summer / fall / winter and participate in a deep transforming ritual with the land of BALI supporting us.


In addition, we will incorporate the sacred offerings of BALI to include day trips to the famous Tirta Empul for a sacred blessing, the Sacred Tea House, the Tenenungan Waterfall (which is HUGE), the monkey forest, several local eatery spots, and the local marketplace. We will further visit the spice market for herbs to support our ritual and magic work.


We will have a portion of the day in service at Bumi Sehat for Ibu Robin Lim, where we help clean the birth center and offer other support that she may need.

Opening Ceremony

Honoring, Offerings & Ancestors


Spring & Tirta Empul & Tea House

Emergence, Vital Forces, New Beginnings


Summer & Tenenungan Waterfall

Passion, Influence, Power


Autumn & Service to Bumi Sehat

Alchemy, Harvest, Gratitude


Winter & Closing Ceremony

Dreaming, The Veil, Mystery