Sacred Witch Camp

First Evening: Answering the Call


Receive Your Sacred Initiation to Your Element

Hold Ceremony for the Ancestors Who Came Before

DAY One: Book of Shadows & Water Witch

Handcraft your personal book of shadows

Create potent activation powder to kick start spell work

Dive deep into the Water element through ritual & ceremony

Conjure with magical intent: 


Sea Witch’s ladder- Yemaya

Lover’s Call Oil- Aphrodite

Wealth Spell- Lakshmi

Amplification Elixir to magnify psychic connection to tools & receptivity to magic


Water Witches recipes special potion & sacred tool

DAY TWO: Witch's Market & Air Witch


Gather in sisterhood at the witch's marketplace

Swap oracle card readings

Create Intuition activation paint

Activate 3rd eye & seat of intuition

Conjure Aradia Auric Mister

Explore Cursing, Binding, Blessing and Word Medicine as Magic

Work with Sigils, Explore the Astral Plane & Work with Servitors

Dance a living prayer to the elements


Air Witches recipes, special potion & sacred tool

DAY Three: The Earth Witch

Barefoot Breathing

Shapeshifting and Tree Breathing

Meet Crystal & Plant Spirits

Conjure Root & Bone Oil, Magic Herb Mojo Bundles, Hekate Tea Blend

Make & Consecrate pentacles

Dance a living prayer to the elements

Earth Witches recipes, special potion & sacred tool


DAY Four: The Fire Witch & Close Ceremony

Snake Hips & Womb Healing

Power Up Potion: Calling in the Release

Releasing Blocks to Power Ceremony


Walnut Spells

Witches Call Candle Magic, Anointing Oils for candle magic

Hearth Magic

Elemental Salt Bowls

Closing Ceremony: Passing the Torch and Claiming