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Sacred Year

with Anni Daulter

Sacred Year with Anni Daulter is a special program created to follow one year down the Sacred Path.


Come on a VERY SPECIAL journey this year. 


We have many Sacred Programs that you will hopefully be enjoying throughout 2018, and my hope is that you join this class as a constant base for all that may be going on in your life throughout the year.


Once a month you will get lessons to follow that will help you to shape your whole year and LIVE in conscious awareness all year long. This SACRED YEAR LONG intensive will also have monthly “soul prompts” that will come in the form of projects, ceremonies, manifestations and celebrations to follow as you move throughout the year with me.


This GROUP OF WOMEN who explore this with me, will be very dear to my heart as we grow and learn together and TRUST THE JOURNEY of unfolding and EXPANDING WHO WE ARE! At the end of the year we will coordinate a large salt bowl and share with each other how our hearts have grown together in this VIRTUAL SISTERHOOD!

We will look to nature, I AM SISTERHOOD connections, goal setting + DREAM BUILDING, art, goddess wisdom, MOTHER EARTH, and the SEASONAL WHEEL OF THE YEAR.


If this class appeals to you, there is a reason. If you are READY to walk your talk down a sacred path that will prove to open up for you when you TRUST that it will, then take the class! Don’t hesitate or think too much on it, just flow with your feelings on it. I am so excited to get this magical opportunity to walk with you on this journey and look forward to deeply knowing each of you who choose to join this SACRED PATH with me.




Take a look at what our SACRED TIME together will look like!


January : going within
BARE : art journaling for the year’s goals : ceremony for the dark season of quiet time : meditation : GODDESS slow movement body awareness : protection crafting for the year : Crystal Water Vibration Commitment : 5 min “deep daily” + touchstone : Tea Mandala


February : preparing for the year
GODDESS BRIGID : ceremony of white candles shaping your creative endeavors for the year : CHOOSE ONE PROJECT YOU CAN RELEASE BY JULY : CHOOSE 2: creating sacred circle space : poetry : herbal charm for manifesting your dreams throughout the year


March : planting the seed
SPRING HOME BEAUTY WAY STYLE : ceremony for planting seeds to grow throughout the year : GODDESS LAKSHMI for abundance : opening up to TRUST : SAYING “YES” to what you want : flower hair wreath : UNDERSTANDING ELEMENTAL MAGIC OF WATER : Check in with 2


April : understanding my vision
DELICATE : SPRING FLOWER ESSENCE : GODDESS TARA of compassion : ceremony for KINDNESS : CRYSTAL wand making SPRING CLEANING of your space with natural cleaning products + beauty way touches : ready-ing goals to take shape : Seasonal Eating : Check in with 2


May : focusing your will
SUN RISING : UNDERSTANDING ELEMENTAL MAGIC OF FIRE : action time! Taking actual steps to manifest your dreams into reality : PERSONAL LOVE SPELL : Ayurveda Summer Recipes : Check in with 2


June : lovers unite
understanding SHAKTI energy : ceremony for FIRE and movement in your life : HEAT up your passionate life : HINDU GODDESS RATI of Love + PASSION : DESIRES MANIFESTED : The Rose : Bind + Release : deepening relationship practices : Check in with 2


July : personal freedom
SEXY SHAPE : release your project into the world : dance under the moonlight : GODDESS DIANA : Nature Ceremony to honor your chosen Path : GRATITUDE : Money Oil : crystal essence : BEING BRAVE


August : the hearth
FAMILY : UNDERSTANDING ELEMENTAL MAGIC OF EARTH: Writing a Blessing for your family : Expanding Family Traditions : Baking Bread : Family Sacred Space : Kids Meditation : Eating Together : “Do it with Joy”


September : our treasure chest
gratitude journey : GODDESS DEMETER of the harvest : ceremony for EARTH : nature photography : SACRED SOUP : living in balance : HARVEST WISHES Project


October : magic in the air
Ancestor Altar Building : Thin veil between the worlds : HONORING those who have come before : Magic : ANGER RELEASE + The Pomegranate Purge : The NEW HALLOWS EVE : binding your word


November : quieting down
DESCENDING : UNDERSTANDING ELEMENTAL MAGIC OF AIR: GODDESS HECATE : scrying : create a family talking stick : peace tent : Breaking Gingerbread : Random Act of Kindness : Tea Mandala : Bay Leaf Release


December : the deep drink
GOING DARK : WINTER SOLSTICE : yule log + beauty way family release : SIMPLE crafting gifting ideas : giving with LOVE ceremony : DEEP journaling + Poetry : Winter Gratitude Cake : Lights out…Candles On…Your Deep Drink : YOU are the HEROINE of your STORY …A LOOK BACK : Group Salt Bowl

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