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Sacred Wild Witch Presents Intro to Spellcraft


Join Sacred Wild Witches Anni Daulter and Jessica Rose Booth for an enchanting mini class in crafting spells. Explore essential inner sanctuary work to stoke the flames of your creative cauldron. Practice spell skills with our tried and tested favorites and go beyond correspondences to develop a solid and real relationship to your craft.  


Feed your inner witch:


Intro to Witch Power

Magical Integrity


Craft 101

  • Tools

  • Spell basics

  • deities

  • celestial influences


Practices of the Inner Sanctuary

  • grounding

  • desire vs will, intent vs impact

  • running energy

  • casting the circle

  • banishing the circle


Spells 101

  • protection

    • home protection smudge blend

    • ceremonial cord cutting

  • prosperity

    • money box

    • Golden Abundance Spell

  • love

    • red salts

    • my tried and tested calling love in spell

  • health

    • health spell candles

    • crystal healing grids

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